This print just landed on my doorstep today. A wonderful gift from the hugely talented Los Angeles based photographer Olivia Kjellander Hook. This is from a Double Exposure project she did with Johnny Klemme. I love artistic collaborations, and especially adore this image. These are random compositions taken by two photographers in completely different locations, and yet they look like they were carefully planned in advance. There is an intense level of artistic symbiosis happening here. Olivia knew I loved this and I had offered to buy a print from her. She sent it as a gift. This one will soon be matted and framed and added to my collection of favorite art.

If you are in the LA area, you can see Olivia's work at the Create:Fixate Gallery's 5th Annual All Photography show.... Backscatter 2, opening on July 12th.

Backscatter 2
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