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Back to Nature

Looking at these images by Patricia van de Camp, I am reminded of my own experiences in the woods and wilderness. How often nature and wilderness presents itself as surreal to those who venture into it. Patricia van de Camp explores the tension between timelessness and temporality in her work. The sense of slight confusion and disorientation in a world unfamiliar, this is the experience of the first few days of living in true wilderness, and also the experience upon returning to civilization after an extended stay in the forest. This feeling is captured perfectly in her work. Be sure to click the link to Patricia's web site at the bottom of this post to see her previous work which is also quite stunning.

Back to Nature. Patricia van de Camp (2011)

Patricia van de Camp  (b.1969) grew up in UtrechtNetherlandsHer parents took her to the magic of photography. She studied social legal services followed by a study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Academy of Art in Kolding Königliche Dänisch. After several years in which they essentially photograph for a freelance editor, in 2007 she was asked to participate in an exhibition. This gave her the key to fully focus on her passion, art photography. Since 2008, Patricia is solely concerned with photography and art. She follows masterclasses  with Tessa Posthuma de Boer in Amsterdam

Patricia van de Camp website

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