I entered the New York Institute of Photography Photo contest with this photo for the Main Street category.

I applied to Hey, Hot Shot! for the Summer 2007 competition.....

First shot with new Polaroid back for the Hasselblad 500...

A whirlwind afternoon of NYC photography.....

Roberto De Luna at Halpert 511 W 25th
Evolution of the Digital Portrait at ClampArt 521 W 25th
Strange Magic at Luring Augustine 531 W 24th
First Contact at Silverstein 535 W 24th
Let You Motto Be Resistance at ICP 1133 Ave of the Americas
Stephen Shore at ICP 1133 Ave of the Americas

My new project will be learning how to tame this beast... on loaner from my trusting Mother.

Today I submitted 15 shots to Aperture for their annual Photography competition.

I have a story submission into JPG Magazine about my Polaroid work.....

Published in JPG:Issue 12

Today I submitted six photos to The Sun magazine. I have loved the photography selections in that magazine for years now.
I think these two have the best shot at acceptance.