Daniel Hermes

I wrote yesterday that one of the things I have liked most about Google+ has been the opportunity to discover some new (to me) photographers, and Daniel Hermes was one of the first to pop up on my G+ radar screen. Hermes was born in Austria and has been living in Los Angeles since 2010. His series City of Automobiles is a work in progress documenting the dominance of automobiles on the culture and landscape of his new city. Certainly a topic that has been explored before, although I am always interested to see new interpretations on this subject. A fresh set of eyes looking at something Americans take for granted. There is a nice mixture of influences showing through in this work.... Dusseldorf School...Stephen Shore... Friedlander. All good, and reasons why I was immediately drawn in.

from City of Automobiles by Daniel Hermes

Another series by Daniel Hermes that I love is his 2005/06 work Traces which you can see via the link below.

Daniel Hermes

Traces series


Dusseldorf School

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