Living Rooms: Photographs by Laura Kicey
Cafe Estelle
444 n 4th Street
(between Callowhill & Spring Garden)
Philadelphia, Pa

Opening January 9th, 6-9PM
The show runs through January

I have admired the work of Laura Kicey for a couple years now. Check out her Construct series, a really well developed body of architectural/fantasy montage images.
This Living Rooms show consists of interiors of abandoned buildings. I have seen glimpses of this work throughout the past year and based on what I have seen, I would highly recommend a visit to Cafe Estelle to see the work of this talented local photographer.
The media is all abuzz this week with stories about the final days of production of Polaroid film. While it is sad that the Polaroid Corporation is no longer going to produce a film that revolutionized photography, it doesn't mean that instant film will cease to exist. Based on the media hype throughout 2008, I have had several people ask me what I was going to do without Polaroid film? The answer is... I am not going to be without instant film. It is still quite easy to obtain and I am confident that it will be available for years to come. There is still a huge demand for instant film and suppliers will continue to fill the void created by the end of Polaroid's production run. I have been using hybrid film for several years now and they work quite well in my vintage Polaroid cameras.

So where do I buy my instant film?

POLAPREMIUM is a great source of hybrid instant films and 4 X 5 film.

Artistic Z is a manipulable film for SX-70 cameras...

Chocolate film is one of my favorite pack films. They also sell a pure Sepia film as well...

Viva is a fantastic vibrantly colored pack film that produces images with a groovy 1960's look...

Fuji Film also makes Color and Black & White pack film as well as 4 X 5 sheets...

So stop worrying people... don't believe the hype.

Polaroid: Imperfect, yet Magical

Polaroids to Fade Away
I have lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life, and I'm embarrassed to say I only saw my first Mummers Parade four years ago. I have been there every year since and wouldn't want to miss it. It is a fantastic day for photography. I usually hang out at Broad & Washington where the comic clubs line up, but anywhere along Broad Street is a great place to be on New Years Day.

We all know that the City has had to drastically cut back on it's budget this year, and that means virtually no money for the Mummers parade. Please help any way you can to keep the tradition alive... Do it for the kids!

Save the Mummers

Mummers Parade Web Site
J Randall Updegrove lives in Montana where it is very very cold lately, and it's been snowing like mad... and yet he still goes out with the camera and the dogs on a daily basis...and that is why he gets incredible images like this one...

Blue Twig by J Randall Updegrove (2008)
Wishing you all peace, joy and serenity for the holidays and 2009...

One of the nicest web sites I have ever seen for viewing photographer portfolios is Photography Now. Beautiful layouts in the form of gallery books, the presentation is spectacular and the site is very easy to navigate. Fantastic resource for photography lovers

Self taught French photographer Pascal Renoux has a gorgeous web site full of amazing images, as well as a really nice blog featuring well selected photography from all over the world. I just added his blog to my daily reading list.
The image below is from Renoux's Hand series...

Pascal Renoux's web site

art photo blog
I had a chance to do some wrestling photography today, which was the first time in almost a year...and the first time in seven years that one of my sons was not wrestling for this team. It was a completely new vantage point and a fresh look at a long term photo study. I really like some of the shots I got today....

wrestling project

This is a very short running solo show of works by Andrea Baldeck at Abington Art Center, Presence Passing, December 13-31st. It is well worth a visit to one of the nicest and perhaps most under appreciated art galleries outside of the city.
Baldeck's work "explores the play of light and shadows, and the ideas of decay and impermanence, found in structures and objects that are left behind"as quoted from the press release. For my taste, there are too many pieces competing with each other in the small room housing this show, and that distracts from the several truly quality works that convey the photographer's love of light and shadow and subtle portraits of decay. Less is more would have made this show outstanding. (Kudos for superb mounting and framing)

Don't forget to check out the annual Juried Show from December 13th to January 24th

During my weekly browse through the bargain section at Harvest Books I discovered this gem Cat People by photographer Bill Hayward, published by Doubleday & Company in 1978.
About eighty photographs of cat lovers with their feline friends. The book consists of people from all walks of life, but includes more than a few celebrities, and includes some really outstanding portraits. A real score for my photo library for two dollars!

Below is Jane Pauley with Meat Ball...

Dick Schapp with his daughter and Ghandi...

Paul Moore with Poochai...