Agan Harahap

Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap was one of the selected winners in the My Own Wilderness competition in 2011. Two of his images are included in the upcoming book and I thought it would be interesting for readers to see all of the images he submitted to the competition. Harahap's artist statement was very short and simple...

"In this series, various animals have been anthropomorphized and placed in common situations that we may face in our daily lives.I used a snapshot aesthetic, which further blurs the boundary between reality and my imagination."

This sense of confusion and the attempt to present a visual crossing over from civilization to personal wilderness was successfully achieved by many of the photographers who submitted work to the competition, and I think Agan Harahap's work really nailed it.   In the next couple of weeks I'll show more examples from other My Own Wilderness photographers.

images copyright  Agan Harahap  2011 from My Own Wilderness

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