Andi Schreiber

My Own Wilderness competition winner Andi Schreiber  received an a Honorable Mention in the Documentary category of Photography Book Now 2011 for her book WonderLust AT•A•GLANCE. This was the second Honorable Mention award Schreiber has received from the annual Blurb photography book competition. Her images of the everyday surroundings of suburban family life present themselves with a unique mix of sophistication and irony. They are such a pleasure to look at. Andi Schreiber's work will appear in the upcoming My Own Wilderness book, to be released in mid-January.

What is Wonderlust?  

Wonder is a genuine feeling of awe brought on by something unexpected. Lust is irresistible desire. I'm attracted to subjects that make my heart beat a little faster. In a word, WonderLust.

My sense of wonder and the thrill of seeing brought forth this project. These photographs are made at home, at poolside, at parties and in parking lots, of family and friends, and people unknown to me. They are fragments of my small world.

My process is random. I fight the urge to pre-visualize; I'm struck by the accidental image. I need to experience deeply what is here, right now. The camera enables me to vanish into moments before they are gone.

This ongoing body of work, "WonderLust," embraces sensation and a passion for what's unseen. It's as if the subjects find me. I have no choice but to turn that irresistible desire into something tangible, into a photograph. I want to seduce the viewer to feel as I do – to know pleasure is to be alive.

All images are copyright Andi Schreiber, from the series WonderLust At A Glance

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