In the heart of western Montana I would never expect to find flat minimalist horizon lines, but you will find extreme changes in weather conditions. These images were taken a few hours apart on the same day...

Bitterroot Valley, Montana (2009)

Big Hole Valley, Montana (2009)
Collection #1 Minimal Blue

First in a series of quickly curated* photo exhibits...

photo by catimini

photo by edgworthric

photo by JB

photo by Melissa Mercier

photo by C H Paquette

(*) These will be quickly assembled collections based on simple themes, to be presented here as a mini photo show curated in less than 30 minutes of Flickr browsing. Themes will be arbitrary and random, just whatever I am into at the moment. I welcome theme suggestions and guest curators who would like to take a crack at this.
The comforts of symmetry and order..

Parking Lot. Warminster, Pa 2009

Parking Lot. Abington, Pa 2008

The lines and patterns of parking lots hold great fascination to my eye. They are wonderful places for compositional study and practice. A collector's paradise. I am certainly not the first photographer to be seduced by parking lots...

Ed Ruscha Thirty Four Parking Lots

Ruscha at MoCP
Northwoods Haiku

The Sea Darkening...
Oh Voices Of The
Wild Ducks
Crying, Whirling, White

Hey, Hot Shot!.... who, me?

My Collected Horizon series has been selected as a Hey, Hot Shot! contender and is featured on Jen Bekman's HHS blog. More thrilled and excited I could not possibly be! I have followed the Hey, Hot Shot! project since it began and being considered a contender for it is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me as a photographer.

Jen Bekman Gallery

Previous Hot Shots

Hey, Hot Shot! blog
Congratulations to David Osei in reaching the finals of the Pennsylvania State wrestling championships at Hershey. Tough loss to Evan Craig. Both wrestlers went into the final undefeated, and Craig edged Osei in a 3-1 decision.

I had the privilege of photographing David for his entire high school career, and I wish him nothing but the best as he moves on to play football for Rutgers University.

David Osei profile

Philadelphia's Chinatown has been squeezed so many times over the years... the Vine Street expressway, the Convention Center, the Gallery, the Bus Terminal.... it is now a tiny little island of a community that is struggling to survive.

I believe that a Casino anywhere in the Market East area will mean the eventual death of Chinatown. Say what ever you want about needed tax revenues, Casinos are not the answer. I am not going to get into a moral debate about this subject on this blog, but I want to make it clear that I believe the negatives of gambling and casinos far far outweigh any positives. End of discussion.

If you agree, go visit this important web site....

Casino Free Philadelphia

Please get involved in this important fight.
Women in Photography announces Grant...

Dina Kantor, 2007

WIPNYC - Lightside Individual Project Grant
Women in Photography, co-founded by Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips in June 2008 to showcase the works of female fine art photographers, is pleased to announce their first project grant, funded by Lightside Photographic Services/ and co-sponsored by LTI. The $3,000 grant award will provide funding to one female photographer to support project costs.

GRANT: $3000.00. One grant will be awarded

APPLICATION PROCESS OPENS: Wednesday April 1, 2009 12am
Link to online application will be made available on


Grant announcement will be made at evening event at the National Arts Club, Grand Gallery. There will be a reception for the grant winner and a slideshow presentation of their work. The Grant winner's work will be featured in a online solo showcase opening on 6/16/09.

Applications will be only be accepted from photographers who are at least 18 years old, and who are NOT currently enrolled in any full-time or part-time degree program.

Projects submitted for consideration can be new or ongoing. Applicants should submit no more than one proposal in support for one project.

WIP’s curatorial staff, Amy Elkins & Cara Phillips will review projects for visual & conceptual strength, rigor of purpose, and clarity of stated
project goals.

Women in Photography

Cara Phillips

Amy Elkins