Less is More.... Robert Rutoed

A few weeks ago when I was browsing the books on display in the Indie Photobook Library at NYPH11, I happened upon Robert Rutoed's Less is More. I knew some of Rutoed's work via the Flak Photo Network on Facebook, and I like it quite a bit. Having a chance to hold the work in my hands and spend some time with the images is totally different than seeing them over the internet. I don't care how far we go with electronic media (and I do love it), the internet will never replace the experience of seeing and holding a book or print in real time. Do I need to compare the difference between sitting in front of a screen versus curling up on the couch with a good photo book? Sorry, curling up with an ipad doesn't count.

Robert Rutoed's work is subtle and connected in unique ways that become evident with each new viewing. This is work that can be returned to over and over, receiving a fresh perspective at each visit. Well worth checking out and a great book for the collector.

Robert Rutoed.  Less Is More.  (2010)

Less is More by Robert Rutoed

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