Chinatown Series: Live Crabs
Everyone was fascinated by the live crabs that were in this box, especially the little kids. I got several nice shots before the store owner chased me away...."no pictures, no pictures!'

not sure about this. I like the texture. something is wrong with the composition. I will try to go back and photograph it again.

The new Home Depot....easy to find!

The abandoned Home Depot....3 miles away. This location is about 10 years old, and Home Depot decided to abandon it for a new location about three miles away.(closer to Lowe's) The photo I took of the new location is actually the back of the store. Every time I drive past it, I am struck by the sheer enormity of it. It is an imposing mountain of concrete block. Note the architectural changes Home depot has made over the years.... They have reduced the number of steps in the facade. Le Corbusier would be proud!
new year's day.2006
new year's day.2006

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Sunrise in Avalon, NJ. just the right combination of depth and movement.
philadelphia.round house.2006

Polaroid scan. one of my favorite shots of 2006. my only pack of film was jamming and not ejecting. I was down to two shots left after losing three in a row, when I finally got the shot I wanted.
seed fury.2006

I saw these little birds in the garden. ran inside, grabbed the camera, and did a point and time to set anything up. I thought I had nothing until I started to work with this one. There is something magical about this shot to me.