More Street 'sploitation

Back in June I posted a video of Bruce Gilden being an obnoxious jackass on the streets of New York City in the name of Street Photography. Now here is a new one floating around of some guy named Thomas Leuthard walking the streets of Istanbul at night...

And Leuthard writes about his process here... 85mm Street Blog

Susan Sontag wrote about the implicit aggression in every use of the camera and of the camera being a tool of power. For most photographers there is always a struggle to counter the aggression and power of the lens with techniques of disarmament. Being mindful of the camera's intrusive nature and the ability to transcend it to make a picture of someone who appears to be oblivious to the presence of the lens is the benchmark of a great photographer. The best photography allows the viewer to forget about the medium and the messenger entirely. We feel we are the lens itself.That is the gift a master of photography gives to us. The images taken by Gilden and Leuthard are all about the camera and therefore, all about the photographer. The people in these images become secondary to their reactions to the photographer. The photographer as narcissist who willfully exploits strangers on the streets for self gratification. The look of disdain and contempt on the overwhelming majority of these street subjects confirms the level of aggression they are experiencing. The resulting images are so meaningless as to approach absurdity... nothing but a collection of deer-in-the-headlights photographs. Makes me ashamed for the craft of photography.
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