These are my favorites... (cont'd)

U.S. 10, Post Falls, Idaho by Stephen Shore (1974)

I'm not really sure I can explain exactly why this is one of my favorite photographs, it just is. The open car doors, truck door and door to the building all give an impression that everyone left suddenly and mysteriously. There is more to the story and we are left to wonder what just happened or is about to happen. The vintage signage and graphics really appeal to me and the cut off images around the perimeter add to the overall tension of the photograph. It's always been my favorite Stephen Shore photograph, and is right up there with my all-timers.

Here's a re-cap of the list so far...

Windowsill Daydreaming by Minor White (1958)
The Fork by Andre Kertesz (1928)
Alfred Stieglitz & Georgia O'Keeffe by Arnold Newman (1944)
Hamburger Grin by John P. Aikins (1968)
Provincetown by Joel Meyerowitz (1978)
U.S. 10, Post Falls, Idaho by Stephen Shore (1974)
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