These are my favorites....

Window Sill Daydreaming, By Minor White (1958)

A few days ago I wrote a post about Minor White's 100th birthday, and included this image with a note that it was among my all time favorite images. That got me I really know exactly what my favorite photographs are?...If someone asked me, would I be able to name ten or twelve images right off the top of my head? The answer is no, and so I am going to develop my list. I think this is an important thing for any photographer to do, if only to help understand your own style and how it developed, whether consciously or subconsciously. These will be in no particular order of preference....I will just start with this image because it is the one that triggered the idea.

This image is pure poetry, and perfectly captures the "conversation with light" that White had used to describe the work of his artistic mentor Alfred Stieglitz. The absolute essence of photographic art.
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