Les photographies par Zoe Strauss...

Zoe Strauss has been in the South of France for her first(?) international exhibit... a very intriguing 3 part presentation consisting of a slide show, a push pin installation, and photos in shop windows along the main Rue in Lectoure, France.

Zoe has been posting updates on her blog and on flickr. Here is one she posted of my favorite all time Zoe Strauss photo on display in one of the shop windows.... the photo is Daddy Tattoo

...and she has posted several cool studies of the fields of Sunflowers so synonymous with the South of France...and Van Gogh & company.

... the Sunflower...the symbol of the free-spirited artsy persona...

... not bad for a South of Philly girl... Rock on Zoe!

Zoe Strauss in France
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