Last week Modern Art Obsession had a neat post about an upcoming photo auction being presented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art, that includes the work of Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Edward Steichen,George Tice,Helen Levitt,Bruce Davidson,andHenri Cartier-Bresson to name only a few. This online auction ends on July 29th, so there is still time to check it out and place a bid.
What really caught my eye in the MAO post was a small mention that the auction includes several lots of vintage Aperture Magazines, and the note... "FYI, they are the next hot art collectible!!"
I hear that! About a month ago, I was looking at my measly collection of 6 issues of Aperture Magazines, and thought it would be a great idea to start buying up old issues. Of course the first place to check is Ebay, and off I went in my search, naively thinking I could snap up issues at no more than five dollars a piece or so.Wrong! I was totally deflated to see how hot the market already seems to be.

Here are a few examples of current Aperture items up for bid on Ebay....

Boxed set of Issues 178-185
This box set was released in conjunction with the exhibition On the Wall: Aperture Magazine '05-'06 (Aperture gallery in New York City, January 12-March 8, 2007), all eight issues from 2005 to 2006 are presented in an archival drop-front box. Every issue is signed by at least one featured artist.Only 20 sets were made available, this is the last set in the edition. Number 20 of 20.Signed by the following artists:
Martin Bell,Marilyn Bridges,Adam Broomberg,Keith Calhoun,Chandra McCormick,Jen Davis,Elena Dorfman,Lalla Essaydi,Eirik Johnson,Antonín Kratochvíl,Laura Kurgan,Sze Tsung Leong,Mary Ellen Mark,Polixeni Papapetrou,Eugene Richards,Kerry Skarbakka,Joel Sternfeld,Katherine Wolkoff.

This auction ends on July 28th, and at the time of this post high bid was $152.50. I'll post the final winning bid amount at the completion....(edit- The final winning bid for this was $204)

Aperture Magazine:1957-1962
For sale by a former student of Minor White (founding editor of Aperture) - a full run of the magazine from Volume 5 issue 4 (1957) through Volume 10 Issue 1 (1962).

Issues are in exceptional condition, there is a minor bend to one corner of one cover, and a little minor foxing/age colouring to covers (worst is the Edward Weston issue pictured 2nd - squint hard - it really is minor!). Otherwise, no bends, tears, marks, wear. These have sat in a closet wrapped in paper for years.
The issues are:
Vol 5 Issue 4 (1957) - cover Walter Chappell, inside Henry Holmes Smith, Philip Hyde, Walter Chappell
Vol 6 Issue 1 (1958) - cover Edward Weston, inside Edward Weston edited by Nancy Newhall
Vol 6 Issue 2 - cover Harry Callahan, inside Harry Callahan & Minor White
Vol 6 Issue 3 - cover Dwain Faubion, inside John Ciardi, Paul Caponigro, Erick Solomon
Vol 6 Issue 4 - cover Le Corbusier, inside Architectural Photography
Vol 7 Issue 1 (1959) - cover David Rowinski, inside Oscar Bailey, Beaumont Newhall, Larry Colwell
Vol 7 Issue 2 - cover Minor White, inside Minor White, Paul Caponigro
Vol 7 Issue 3 - cover Brett Weston, inside Alfred Monner, Ruth Bernhard, Imogen Cunningham, Aaron Siskind
Vol 7 Issue 4 - cover Van Deren Coke, inside Brett Weston, Ralph Eugene Meatyard,Van Deren Coke
Vol 8 Issue 1 (1960) - cover Alfred Steiglitz, inside Alfred Stieglitz by Dorothy Norman
Vol 8 Issue 2 - cover Frederick Summer, inside MOMA abstraction, Nathan Lyons
Vol 8 Issue 3 - ccover Dorothea Lange & Pirkle Jones, inside Death of A Valley
Vol 8 Issue 4 - cover Paul Caponigro, inside Gerry Sharpe, Nathan Lyons, Walter Chappell
Vol 9 Issue 1 (1961) - cover Jack Franks, inside Robert Frank, Walter Chappell
Vol 9 Issue 2 - cover IIT, inside Five Students, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Tech
Vol 9 Issue 3 - cover Carl Chiarenza, inside Clarence John Laughlin, Frederick Sommer, Wynn Bullock, Don Worth
Vol 9 Issue 4 - cover Robert Brown; inside The Workshop in Photography, Ansel Adams
Vol 10 Issue 1 (1962) - cover Laura Gilpin, inside Lotte Jakobi, William La Rue

This auction also ends on July 29th, and the high bid at the time of this post is $803.00. I'll update this one as well.(edit- The final winning bid on this was $803)

This is a fourteen issue lot being offered on the current Dan Cooney/iGavel Auction... current high bid is $121.20 including the buyer's premium. (edit- the final winning bid on this was $121.20)
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