Yesterday I picked up the film from my Minnesota trip. Five rolls of Kodak Plus X 125 shot with my Olympus OM-1. That was all I took with me into the woods. No digital camera at all. On previous trips I have taken as many as five cameras with me and all sorts of different lenses and film. It ends up being way too distracting to me and I end up with no visual focus or unity. This year it was just my simple little OM-1, such a wonderful gem of a camera, and only one type of film...Plus X 125. I brought my standard 50mm Zuiko and a 28mm wide angle lens. The only lens I ever shoot with on my digital camera is a 50mm. I have written about this in the past; I feel very strongly that a fixed focal length lens is essential to obtaining a unified point of view and consistency of images.(not to mention higher quality optics) My sequence photography depends almost entirely on one focal length. I reluctantly brought the 28mm along purely for the longer landscape views on the lakes of Boundary Waters, and it took me several days to adjust to looking through the viewfinder at such a wide angle of sight. But it was a refreshing change to work with something different, and it was definitely worth bringing along. Limiting myself to a single film type and only two focal lengths forced me to concentrate on the images that would work best for those parameters. I ended up doing more focused visualization than I have ever done on one of my wilderness trips, and I am very happy with the results. Here are a couple examples from the first day...

dawn. minnesota. 2010

dusk. minnesota. 2010
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