horses to the right. philly photo day 2010

This is my submission to Philly Photo Day 2010. I wasn't really happy with anything I shot yesterday, and I was only within the actual city limits for a couple hours. I decided to walk through Pennypack Park in Northeast Philly. For several years now I have been intrigued by the concept of 'wilderness in the city'. There are sections of trails throughout the Fairmont Park system that seem like true wilderness even though you are surrounded by a large metropolitan chaos. I went in there looking to shoot something that would convey a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, but I just couldn't find a composition that made it in the short amount of time I had. But walking back to my car I came across this interesting signage and it just feels right to me as representative of something you wouldn't expect to see in a large city like Philadelphia. It's the best I came up with and will have to do.
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