I received confirmation in the mail today for a portfolio review I signed up for on November 7th in Bethlehem, Pa. It's part of the InVision Photo Festival. I really like the fact that they included a set of guidelines, and I think most of these would be helpful for anyone who is presenting their work for review...

A few tips for a successful review

- Your portfolio should be a solid body of work with no more than 20 images. Continuity of subject matter or a series is best for this type of review.

- If you are showing prints please make sure that they are high quality prints. Because of time constraints it's best if you can show it to the reviewer as efficiently as possible.

- Be ready to talk about your work in a concise way.

- Have a few questions you'd like answered to ask the reviewers.

- Please have a business card or leave-behaind ready to give the reviewer. Make sure it has your contact information!

- Take notes right after all your reviews are done.

Simple guidelines and most are commonsense, but easily forgotten during the hectic stress of presenting your work.
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