I did a quick drive by re-visit of Edge today to do some test compositions. I'm looking for a companion piece to compliment Goodwill, and none of my existing work does that right now. During my portfolio review on Saturday at Hous Projects, Ruben Natal San-Miguel suggested I go back and shoot Edge as a vertical composition in the same style as Goodwill. I think it's a great suggestion, and since I pass by it every day, I got a chance to do it today. I'm not sure if this is a final version yet, but I do think the lighting and sky/clouds today match up fairly nicely with Goodwill. I'll shoot it several more times as the Fall foliage colors develop. It's important to the shot that the trees be a variety of color instead of just green. I shot the original horizontal version of Edge almost exactly a year ago, and the reds in the foliage were key to the image success. Edge is not as tightly composed as Goodwill, and never can be, but I do love the small green shrub in the lower left to compliment the girl's position in Goodwill. I like these two images as a pair. This kind of critical eye and constructive thought process was exactly why I'm so glad I went through the portfolio review process. I wish I could do something like that on a monthly basis!

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