Too Arrogant to Fail

Here's a new twist on TARP. This version is the Troubled Artist Relief Program. Seems Annie Leibovitz is in deep financial doo doo. She failed to meet a $24 Million loan payoff last September to Art Capital Group, who sued Leibovitz for "boldly deceptive conduct".(How dare they!) The whole mess was sorted out with Annie regaining control of her copyrights and her homes in exchange for a new balance due of $30 Million. The entire balance is due next summer. $30 Million. Not till next summer (whew!)

Leibovitz is taking stock of her inventory to try to figure out how to sell some stuff between now and next summer,and consulting with art experts who have urged her to avoid seeming "too desperate". (aka Bernie Madoff Reverse Psychology Sales Method... when the shit is about to hit the fan, act as if you really don't need any more investors, but "ok, if you insist...I guess I'll take your money... I mean, it's hardly worth the paperwork involved... sigh... yeah... no, make it out to cash")...

...and/or fall back on the old Price It So High That It Must Be Worth It, Right? method of selling art. (see Hooverville by Powhida & Townsend)

In a brilliant combination of all of the above, we are pleased to announce

The Not-At-All Desperate, Sure-Fire Investment, Limited Edition Master Sets By Annie

157 Glossy Photos, you heard it right, 157!!
Enough to decorate your entire vacation house, and still have some left over
to give to those hard to shop for friends & relatives.

Only TEN sets are planned*

All for just $3.5 Million per set!

But wait, there's more!!

Act Now and you can get in on Pre-Publication Super Special Pricing of only

$ 2.5 Million per set!

That's less than $16,000 per photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Operators are standing by

Void where prohibited by law. Read prospectus carefully. Consult your attorney. Investment is NOT guaranteed by the Federal Reserve Bank. Actual results may vary. Frames not included. Cash or Paypal only. No personal checks accepted. All sales are final. No returns. Official "White House Portrait of 2009" is not included in the set. You can get that one for free off of Flickr.

(*) "Planned" only means "Maybe" ten sets. There could be hundreds more.

Annie Leibovitz Tries to Regain Financial Footing

How Could This Happen to Annie Leibovitz?

Naturally, Goldman Sachs is involved
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