The year of driving around suburbia. By year end I will have logged over 14,000 miles in my car, driving in circles around the Philly suburbs. Always with my camera. Always watching with the photographer's eye. I see the same architectural facades over and over from day to day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Borderline obsessive compulsive fixations on particular buildings and strip malls. Suppressing rage and anger at the mindless uniformity of retail architectural style and signage.

I am slowly noticing in my photographic work from the past year a context not just to the visual evidence of economic recession , but also to cultural trends and elements of the changing tide of American consumerism. The illusion of greater value for the dollar, the seductive promise of all you can eat. The inescapable allure of the going out of business sale. I am bombarded with these messages every day and every mile.

Dollar General. 2009

Buffet. 2009

Goodwill. 2009
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