vegas strip. Venturi, Scott Brown Assoc. 1968.

I love the never ending process of connection that involves finding new books to read via bibliographies. The majority of books I own have been purchased as a direct result of finding out about them in the further reading section at the back of something I have found to be very influential reading. My books develop a relational context and I find myself reading a half dozen or more simultaneously; reading one and then jumping over to another because the first book triggered a thought that I remember from the second or third, and so forth. Several books I own refer often to Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.I already owned a copy of Complexity & Contradiction in Architecture by Venturi, and I always found it a dry and difficult read. But Learning from Las Vegas is written in a different style and I think that is coming from the voice of Denise Scott Brown. Postmodernism explained through the lens of Las Vegas, and it is all making perfect sense to me now!

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