The Emotional Lens
- An exploration of the emotive and descriptive powers of photography

larry fink

Project Basho
Dec 4-5

Students in this workshop will learn how pictures can become objective and subjective storytelling elements. Participants will explore the meaning of the following quote from Lisette Model: "You are the subject, life is the object" and the workshop will consist of making this search a concrete one. The specific topics covered will be as varied as the people who attend the workshop.

Through a rigorous portfolio review, the workshop will encourage participants to examine their motivations and goals for making new images. Fink will work with participants to learn from their triumphs as well as the tribulations of their visual struggle. This workshop is intended for photographers at all levels that are prepared for a concerted investigation and evaluation of their creative process.

Larry Fink
Under the early tutelage of Lisette Model, developed a unique and offbeat style of empathetic reportage. With his distinct visual and political perspective, he has explored the under-belly of human interaction in all its glory and demise. His celebrated body of work Social Graces was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1979, and explores the dichotomies and intricacies of the social circles amongst high-class Manhattanites and the working class of rural Pennsylvania.

The Emotional Lens
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