I always loved this building. It was a laboratory of some kind in Willow Grove, Pa. I loved the minimalist modern architectural style, and the fact that it stood alone among the mostly older vernacular architecture of it's surroundings. It had been vacant for quite some time before I photographed it almost exactly a year ago. I was never happy with this photograph and always meant to go back and shoot it again under better lighting conditions. If I remember correctly this was shot around noon on a very bright day. I never got around to re-visiting this place and before I knew it was sad to see the glass facade had been removed. I assumed they were tearing it down, but soon discovered it was just being remodeled for new tenants. I've written recently about the horrors of cheap and thoughtless takeovers of existing buildings (see Zombie Economics), but this one is a charm to behold. Just as nice, if not better than the original! Kudos to whomever redesigned this building!

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