value city department store. 2010

Another failed attempt at recycled usage of retail space abandoned during the great recession. This is the facade of a Value City Department Store in Southampton, Pa. My image of the same building from another viewpoint is below. I love the design elements used in this structure; they provide the fluidity and movement in my photograph.

Value City Department Stores filed for bankruptcy in October 2008. This location was vacant for some time until it was leased to a bargain book seller. The entire interior space was filled with hundreds of tables of books with seemingly no organized method of inventory management. It drove me nuts the one and only time I went in there because the entire store was as random as a garage sale. The facade as shown above was covered by an enormous vinyl banner that said Bargain Book Warehouse (or something like that) That venture lasted about a year and the building is again empty. Back to square one.

Value City
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