Dad's Day

Children and Their Fathers

Cover image by Elizabeth Niggemeyer (Germany)

Here is a lovely tribute to dads everywhere on this Father's Day 2012. I bought this nice little book several years ago at a used bookstore for a few dollars. It is a 7" X 9" Cloth bound hardcover book with image wrapped boards on the front and back.  Published by Hill & Wang, New York in 1962, and originally published in Germany by Hanns Reich Verlag in 1960. The book begins with an essay by Eugen Roth, and contains seventy-two images from photographers who are mostly unknown to me, although also a few well known names such as Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Rene Burri.  The book is reminiscent of the style of images of the time period, especially that of Edward Steichen's Family Of Man exhibition of 1955. In fact,  an image by Dorothea Lange from the Family Of Man exhibit is also the back cover image for this book.

Photo by Hans A. Comotio (Germany)

Photo by Fritz Fenzl (Germany)

Photo by R. Lewis (England)

Photo by Dorothea Lange (Switzerland)

Photo by Henri Cartier- Bresson (China)

Children and Their Fathers

rear cover image by Dorothea Lange (USA)