Third Annual Book Fair at PPAC

Saturday May 5th, 2012
Free and Open to the Public 

I attended the first book fair at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center two years ago and it was small but fantastic. This year's fair will be well represented by some of the best names in independent photobook publishing, showing that the PPAC Book Fair has grown into an important event in just three short years. Take a look at the list of participants.... 

Special Note**

The Indie Photobook Library will be presenting a first ever crowd sourced exhibition from its collection. You can nominate a book to be included in the PPAC Book Fair exhibit from the Indie Photobook Library by commenting directly on their Facebook page. I hope all fans of My Own Wilderness will head over and add a nomination. Here is a link to the nomination page...

Indie Photobook Library Crowd Sourced exhibit at PPAC Book Fair