photo by Dead Porcupine

I was pleased to hear that My Own Wilderness participants Dead Porcupine are in the process of creating a photobook from their ongoing project Shiftless. Dead Porcupine is the collaboration team of Italian photographers Raffaele Capasso and Francesco Claudio Cipolletta

Shiftless is a two year photographic project wandering around a former nuclear facility in southern Italy, not far from their home.  Here is an excerpt from their project statement...

 Our photographic work "Shiftless" is the result of two years of wandering around the disused nuclear facility Garigliano, in southern Italy. The plant, named after the river that runs along the path to the sea, closed in 1982. Today, it still contains 3000 cubic meters of nuclear waste inside concrete blocks, some of them stored underground in plastic bags. The atmosphere is that of a desert place. Looking at the broken windows of the caravans, the dried palms, neon lights swaying, walls collapsed, we felt a kind of inertia, suspension.That's why we decided to express our reactions and feelings about this beautiful land full of potential, subject to the negligence of man. The river flows into the sea, the sight of the waves that sweep the shore shows an impressive body of all waste types. We see this mesage: "Nature makes us all what it gets." 

Dead Porcupine is currently raising money for this book project on Crowd Books and have also created a project video posted to Vimeo.  The book design as seen on the Crowd Books project page is fantastic, and I'm excited to be supporting this project. The work produced by these two photographers is really gorgeous and I highly anticipate my copy of the finished book. Get your own copy by supporting this project. Links to do so are listed below.

Shiftless book design by Dead Porcupine

Shiftless book project on Crowd Books