Portfolio Reviews

PHOTO/arts MAGAZINE is now offering a limited number of portfolio reviews at no cost. This is an opportunity to receive thoughtful critique of your portfolio or project from an experienced point of view. You will receive a written response to your work with critique on multiple levels such as technique, aesthetics, and context among historical and contemporary trends.

If you would like to receive a portfolio or project review, please submit the following:

1. 5 to 10 images of your work. Do not send large files. Please keep images no larger than 800px on the longest edge, and set to 72dpi resolution. You could also send me a link to a specific grouping of your images on the web. For instance, create a set on Flickr or an album on Google+ and send me the link.

2. Include a statement about your work. Be as expressive as you can. Don't worry about writing style, this isn't a dreaded artist statement for a competition. Lay it all out there. What are your thoughts and concerns about the work?

3. Include background about yourself. Where you are now as a photographer, your experience level, your other projects, etc.

4. Be sure to include links to your website or other places where your work can be seen.

Send everything to:

I'll take these on a first come first served basis until we see how much demand there is. If things get too backed up I might have to put a limit on entries, but for now it is an open submission policy.

And I should mention that the portfolios that interest me the most from month to month will be featured here on PHOTO/arts Magazine or the website Escape Into Life, where I'm going to be one of the photo editors starting in November.

Looking forward to seeing your work!
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