Wall Space Gallery is doing a magnificent job hosting Life Support Japan, online auctions for limited edition donated prints by numerous and generous photographers.( Crista Dix has been working tirelessly on this project!) 100% of the proceeds for these prints will go to Japan earthquake relief. The money from these sales will go to Direct Relief International and Habitat For Humanity. For $50 you will get an 8" X 10" signed print, one of a special limited edition of ten. And once again, there is no commission fee, or printing costs, or anything else being deducted. All of your $50 will go to a great cause, and you end up with a wonderful print! There are some big name photographers getting involved in this. The Hiroshi Watanabe edition has already sold out, so get moving! I bought the David Burdeny print below, and I'm thrilled to add it to my collection.

Life Support Japan

Wall Space Gallery

Direct Relief International

Habitat For Humanity