False Mountains

I have no idea where I am going with these False Mountain images. They just continue to hold a strong attraction and fascination for me. Every time I pass by a pile of dirt, or gravel, or snow imitating a mountain I have an immediate knee jerk desire to photograph it. I rarely end up doing so because the composition is usually flawed in some way, or I have to wait for the right light, etc. The image above works for me in several ways... the light is fantastic, and the yellow line on the horizon provides a slight nod to a John Pfahl Altered Landscape . (The image below has that Pfahl-esque quality as well, something I welcome in any of my images). I've tried working these images into some of my other project groups and they just don't fit in, even though I think the basic emotions behind these images are very similar to much of my other work. The isolation and sense of despair that is represented in Poetry of Nowhere and Roadside Memorials are just as strongly present in these photographs.

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