Three upcoming group shows, each containing an image from my ongoing series... Poetry of Nowhere.

MAM 39
Missoula Art Museum
Missoula, Mt
January 7th- February 3rd, 2011

Photography 30
Perkins Center for the Arts
Moorestown , NJ
January 30th - March 6th, 2011

Onward 11
Project Basho
Philadelphia, Pa
February 10 - March 27th, 2011

Really energizing validation, and has me jazzed to keep moving forward with the project. I am reading and researching the related topics like a mad man. Just piles and piles of books and reading every spare minute of the day. I haven't been shooting much of anything... I actually made my first picture of the year just today. I hadn't even clicked the shutter since Christmas day. But I'm feeling really confident about what I am looking for, and my eyes are always open.

Poetry of Nowhere (series website)
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