This was one of the first books I ever read in my attempt to understand the cultural trends of homogenized branding and cloned franchise society. I haven't looked at this book in a long time, and this morning while browsing though it I noticed something I had underlined probably ten years ago; a reference to James Kunstler's book The Geography of Nowhere. So why did it take me almost ten years to finally read Kunstler's book ?

"The Kinko's, Starbucks and Blockbuster clerks buy their uniform of khakis and white or blue shirts at the Gap; the "Hi! Welcome to the Gap!" greeting cheer is fueled by Starbucks double expressos; the resumes that got them the jobs were designed at Kinko's on friendly Macs; in 12-point Helvetica on Microsoft Word. The troops show up for work smelling of CK One (except at Starbucks, where colognes and perfumes are thought to compete with the "romance of coffee" aroma), their faces freshly scrubbed with Body Shop Blue Corn Mask, before leaving apartments furnished with Ikea self-assembled bookcases and coffee tables."

-Naomi Klein
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