The Tao of Simplicity...

“In common with other artists the photographer wants his finished print to convey to others his own response to his subject. In the fulfillment of this aim, his greatest asset is the directness of the process he employs. But this advantage can only be retained if he simplifies his equipment and technique to the minimum necessary, and keeps his approach free from all formula, art-dogma, rules, and taboos. Only then can he be free to put his photographic sight to use in discovering and revealing the nature of the world he lives in.”
-Edward Weston, Seeing Photographically

“Having the bare necessities makes you more agile in body and mind. The very limitations of the equipment force you to work harder. The fewer visual tricks you can rely on, the cleverer you have to be about the basics of composition and timing.”
-Tom Ang, The Tao of Photography
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