What's your Color IQ ?

I usually hate it when people email me links and say "you have to check this out!"... mostly because nine times out of ten they are links to videos and since I don't have speakers hooked up to my computer and I almost never watch anything that requires sound on my computer, I just typically ignore the links I get.

Today however, a friend sent me one of the coolest links I've seen in a long time. It's a color IQ test... 100% visual.... no sound required! It's probably a good way to test your monitor and your color IQ at the same time. And not to brag or anything, but this morning I was in a rush to get to work and I did the test as fast as I could, spent no more than ten minutes on it, and scored 8. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a perfect score if I had spent another 10 minutes on it. See if you can beat me!

Color IQ Test
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