A friend of mine recently commemorated the tenth anniversary of his father's death, and was saddened at the fact that he hadn't been able to visit his dad's grave in many years. He lives in Arizona and his dad is buried in a small town in Wisconsin. Hearing this I mentioned to him that I would soon be driving across the entire length of Wisconsin and the small town, Ixonia, was more or less right along my way up to Superior, and I'd be happy to try to get some photos of the site. (what those shots would be I hadn't the slightest clue...I only knew that I didn't want to simply send him a photograph of a grave stone) I ended up using Polaroid film and only took two shots after driving through the tiny cemetery a couple times. I digitally cross processed the color and then printed them on rice paper. I'm really happy with the results.

Glenview Memorial Garden
Ixonia, Wisconsin (2008)
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