The Power of Fashion...

In case you missed it, the above photo is from the Vogue fashion shoot in India, where unidentified poverty stricken citizens were used to model high priced clothing and accessories, causing quite a stir, and of course, great publicity for Vogue. Vogue India editor Priya Tanna’s message to critics of the August shoot: “Lighten up,” she said in a telephone interview. Vogue is about realizing the “power of fashion” she said, and the shoot was saying that “fashion is no longer a rich man’s privilege. Anyone can carry it off and make it look beautiful,” she said.“You have to remember with fashion, you can’t take it that seriously,” Ms. Tanna said. “We weren’t trying to make a political statement or save the world,” she said.

My advice to anyone who would now even consider buying a $100 Fendi baby bib is to immediately seek really good psychiatric therapy. For all the rest of you, and especially those who, unlike Vogue India, actually would like to help save the world, why not start by helping save some of India's children? There are currently 5 million people displaced by the floods in the Indian state of Bihar, and $100 would go a long way in helping with food, clothing, and medicine.

Save The Children: India Flood Victims
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