World Wide Polaroid

Nathalie Bergstrom
is quite impressive considering she is only 19 years old. She has collected self portrait Polariods sent to her from all over the world and curated her own show entitled World Wide Polaroid. Nathalie used Flickr and other venues to find people using Polaroid film and asked them to send her a self portrait. She had an overwhelming response from photographers who all share her love of this dying film medium.

This was my contribution to the exhibit....a scanned goopy 669 negative

Nathalie's description of her show...

"Worldwide Polaroid is a tribute to the Polaroid film and its history.
It's an exhibition who's the product of collected self-portraits
from all over the world. A last goodbye to a whole photo epoch."

This show runs from June 14th to September 6th in Sundsvall Sweden

photo courtesy Nathalie Bergstrom

Nathalie Bergstrom's Photography
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