I love all types of photography blogs. I follow dozens of them, both critique based and artist based. Thanks to Peggy Roalf, who writes Eye on the Scene for Photograph Magazine, I have three new (to me) blogs to follow. The newest issue of Photograph has Roalf's story on Photography Blogs.
Eye on the Scene

The Year in Pictures is an easy flowing and random collection of photography and commentary by James Danziger, owner of the Chelsea gallery Danziger Projects. I love Danziger's style and this blog is the type that makes you wish you could follow the author around for a couple days and see what he sees.

Modern Art Obsession is based on the collector side of the art world, written by Michael Hoeh, a Wall Street art lover. The blog is extensive and jam packed with links. It truly lives up to it's name.

Best of all for me, 5b4, Jeffrey Ladd's blog about photo books. What's not to love about this theme? Thorough and exhaustive reviews...Ladd clearly has intense love for his books.Check out the Photobook Exchange link that takes you to Ladd's site of books offered for sale or trade.
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