Self Contained

I shared with more than a few people during the weeks of this call for work that I was nervous about a slow response and that I was having trouble finding patterns and relationships among the images being submitted. I began to doubt myself in choosing this theme. Maybe it was too cerebral.... too vague.... too similar to last year's theme, etc etc. I had to let go of that anxiety and just wait to see what would come in.  I have not been let down. In the past few weeks I have received some really strong work and remarkable symmetry is happening in front of my eyes. To me this is the primary joy of curating a project like this. An orchestra sounds chaotic and dissonant while warming up, but ahhh, once the music begins! That is how I feel right now.

There is one week left to submit your work. I want to remind all readers that this is a completely profit-free competition. No entry fees, and the resulting Blurb book will be sold at the artist cost (no profit added).  The deadline is October 1st, 2012.

Sylvia De Swaan     Self Contained (2012)

Satoshi Tsuchiyama       Self Contained  (2012)

Mikhail Palinchak       Self Contained (2012)

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