A one word comment left by Jeana Marie in response to the triptych I posted yesterday... Jazzy. It immediately struck me as ironic because I had been listening to Jazz music the entire morning prior to assembling those images as a post. I had initially contemplated writing an apology for continuing to post combinations of old images together with newer ones. I figured that people get tired of seeing the same images pop up again and again. But this is part of the process I use to work things out visually. The best way for me to see how images work together is to post them on this blog. Relationships between images I am not always aware of begin to reveal themselves during these exercises.

Which brings me back to the Jazz reference. I have been a Jazz music lover for decades, and it has influenced my art and creativity in many ways. Not in a musical sense. I have no musical abilities at all. Can't carry a tune to save my life. The influence works it's way through in other ways. Subconscious ways. I can see the process of working with multiple images as being very similar to the composing of music. I've often equated it to poetry, but music makes just as much sense. I've written many times about the importance of sequence and series in my style of photography. It is the essence of my work. Maybe each photograph becomes a note in a composed song. I'm on a continuous search for the individual notes to piece together into an arrangement. Poet, Composer, Photographer.... one and the same.
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