I'm not much of a comic book fan. I think that is mostly a result of timing more than anything. My young teen years were the early 70's. That was a low point for comic book popularity. I didn't know anyone who collected comic books in those days.We were reading Mad Magazine and following the work of R Crumb.It was totally uncool to read comic books in my day. By the time the 80's rolled around with the renewed interest and explosion of comic books and comic based movies, I was too old to hop on the band wagon.

But cool or uncool, every red blooded teenage boy in the 70's knew who Wonder Woman was, as portrayed by Lynda Carter on TV. So it caught my attention when I saw a headline about Wonder Woman getting a makeover at 69. Check out this link to see the changes to WW since her debut in 1941, and below is the latest version... very Asian/Manga influenced if you ask me. She has very noticeably lost her Americana element.

The Evolution of Wonder Woman

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