The Window of the Kitchen. Katrina M. d’Autremont (2006)

Silver Eye Center For Photography
2009 Fellowship Award Exhibition
Si Dios Quiere (If God Wants)
Photographs by Katrina M. d'Autremont
January 12 - March 20, 2010

Philadelphia photographer Katrina M. d’Autremont

Katrina M. d’Autremont was born in Denver to an Argentine mother and
American father. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, but frequently visits
her Argentine family and considers both continents home. Katrina M.
d’Autremont’s relationship to her South American family and the search to find
her place amidst different cultures and generations is the subject of the 26
color prints in the series Si Dios Quiere (If God Wants). In his juror’s statement,Andy Adams has written this about d’Autremont’s compelling work:
“The photographs in Katrina M. d'Autremont's Si Dios Quiere present scenarios that explore issues of intimacy within her mother's family in Argentina. Like a shoebox of snapshot memories, her pictures depict the private rituals that comprise a family's life: cleaning the kitchen, watching television, gathering for
a family feast. Interior domestic spaces dominate and each of her family members is underscored by the place that binds them together. The house where she was raised plays a significant role and in many cases the environment is a lead character, revealing how place (and our memory of it) influences and forms us. Her home is comprised of the kinds of objects that trigger memories from each of our pasts — the blue living room carpet, that familiar tablecloth, a piano — each part of an experience shared with the members of our tribe.”
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