Distortion Number 70. Andre Kertesz 1933

"The technical side of photography was a complete mystery to me, a real puzzle. I just had to work it out for myself by experimenting. My dark room was never dark enough, for instance, but it never worried me. I persevered. The technical side of photography is only meaningful if it enhances your art. Good technique on it's own is meaningless. A child may have beautiful writing but it's what he writes that's important. In my interpretation the Group f/64 were people who had learned to perfect the calligraphy of the medium. They could produce the alphabet of photography beautifully. They were calligraphic photographers. I, on the other hand, have never been obsessed with sharpness or with depth of field. My pictures are constantly on the move,in the same way as life itself".

Andre Kertesz (1983)
from Master Photographers, edited by Pat Booth

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