Dream camera...

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately... a camera that would combine the best of the old school with the best of new technology. This would be my absolute dream camera, and I would trade in all my existing cameras if someone could manufacture this for me-

1. Full sensor digital processor (24mm X 36mm)
2. Range Finder with bright split image focusing
3. Full Manual operation, with Aperture & Shutter Priority options
4. High quality, fast prime lens 50mm F1.8
5. About the size & weight of a mid 70's Japanese rangefinder
6. No LCD screen
7. ISO range 50-1000
8. Should cost no more than $2500

So essentially it is a digital version of a 35mm film based rangefinder, and you might say just buy a Leica M8. The M8 is too expensive, and doesn't have a full sized sensor. And yes,no LCD screen!. I want to eliminate the distraction of constantly looking at that stupid little screen to see what I got. It is a total waste of time and tells me absolutely nothing about the quality of the photograph. Just give me the simplicity and quality of a really well made range finder without the constraints of film developing.

Do you think any manufacturer would make a camera like this? I would love to hear your thoughts about your own dream camera...
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