Collected Horizon montage...

This project consists of a series of minimalist and abstract horizons taken in a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors. It is a study of layers, textures, depth, and perspective. But I am coming to realize it is also about certain OCD traits that I have. I like to have things aligned and coordinated, and it really bothers me that I can't yet assemble a montage of this collection that has a distinctive color pattern. My goal is to eventually collect several hundred of these Horizon images in order to create large montage groupings that contain waves of color, or some other type of coordinating pattern beyond the obvious connecting horizon lines.

The two ideas for eventually presenting these as an exhibit...

1. Displaying about a dozen montages like the one above, and maybe each montage has a color theme or unifying element, such as sky color, green grass, cloud patterns, water, etc.

2. I would also love to install these in a gallery room as one continuous string of horizon lines, wrapping around all four walls of the room, and re-connecting with itself. I have already tried this with about 20 images and it looks great, but those 20 images only gets me about 15 feet of total length. See the photo below.

Collected Horizons
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